Periodic travel card - student

If you are a student enrolled in a study in a vocational school, a university college or a university, and are under the age of 30, you can buy a student card.

A student card is the same as a periodic travel card, but you are given an additional 40 % discount to the regular periodic travel card discount. The price of a periodic travel card for the distance you want, can be found in the rate regulations for local buses.

The periodic travel card is personal, and is valid for one specific distance for 30 consecutive days from the day of purchase, with an unlimited number of travels.

The card can be purchased by contacting the transport companies, or ordering them online by following the links below:

Ordering a periodic travel card from Firda Billag

Ordering a periodic travel card from Tide Buss

Ordering a periodic travel card for Fjord1

Remember to bring a photo and a valid ID as well as your student card when buying or topping up the card. 

The first time you buy a periodic travel card, you will have to pay NOK 100,- for the production of the card. 

You can renew your periodic travel card on the bus or at the office of the transportation company.

In the case of illness, hindering the use of the card, the transport company will pay back 1/30 of the price for a month for each day the card has not been used, but not for fewer than 10 days. The reimbursement period is 30 days from the day of purchase.

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