Corona virus: Pay with value card and debit card

To limit the spread of the coronavirus Kringom does not accept cash payment on buses and boats in Sogn og Fjordane.

Starting Monday July 13. you will have the option to pay for your ticket with your travel card or debit card on buses and boats in Sogn og Fjordane. 

Practical information:

The front doors will open, but we ask that you are considerate and keep your distance to the driver. Do not use the seats behind the driver at this time.

We kindly encourage you to use caution and keep a safe distance to the crew members on boats.

You can not pay with cash on buses or boats.

For passengers on express boats or express buses:

Express boat:

Norled has suspended cash payment on board express boats between Sogn/Nordfjord and Bergen. We recommend buying a ticket in advance, but card payment is also accepted. Go to to buy a ticket.

Express bus:

Both Vy and Nor-Way have express bus routes to/from and through Sogn og Fjordane.

Vy: Vy has suspended all cash and card ticket sales on board their buses. If you are travelling with Vy, even within Sogn og Fjordane, you must buy your ticket in advance. Go to to buy your ticket.

Nor-Way: Cash payment is not accepted on board Nor-Way buses. Buy your ticket at Tickets may be purchased until time of departure, even for passengers travelling locally with Nor-Way within Sogn og Fjordane.Thank you for helping us reduce the spread of the corona virus!

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