Youth card

The youth card is for persons between the ages of 16 and 20. You may also buy the youth card if you start upper secondary school from the 15th of August and turn 16 later that year.

The youth card is valid for an unlimited number of travels for 30 consecutive days after the date of purchase (not calendar month), and is applicable on all modes of public transport within the county borders of Vestland. In 2021 the price of the youth card is NOK 370.

When you receive your youth card you must top it up with a 30 day period for the card to work. You can top up and renew your youth card on Kringom-buses, local boats, Norled express boats or at office of the transportation company.

The first time you buy a youth card, you will have to pay NOK 100 for the production of the card. Remember to bring a photo and a valid ID when buying or topping up the card.
The card can be purchased by contacting the transport companies, or ordering them online by following the links below:

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